Two Senior Golf Swing Tips

senior golf swing tips

Are you retired and feel like you no longer have the flexibility to produce the correct golf swing?

If you are you looking for ways to increase your range of motion this is going to be helpful.

Charles wrote into us and asked a similar question:

Hi Sean, my name is Charles. I am retired and I just don't have the same flexibility - particularly in my hips - that I used to have.  Is there any way for me to improve my range of motion?

There are a couple of things I look for when assessing range of motion in the hip area - especially for senior golfers.

First, a common problem I see it that their stance is too wide. I find that when I ask my students to narrow their stance, this helps to increase the range of motion.

Narrow Stance Golf Swing

The second thing that I look for is foot positioning. If you could imagine a clock face -  I want the left foot pointing to eleven o’clock and the right foot pointing to one o’clock.

A common problem I see with right-handed golfers is that the right foot is “toed in” too much.

Right Foot Golf

This means that the right foot is pointing towards twelve - or even eleven o’clock - and this restricts their ability to turn their hip on their backswing.

So, make sure that your left foot is pointing to eleven and your right foot is pointing to one; doing this will help open up the range of motion in your hips a little bit.

Senior Golf Swing Tips Drill

To finish off, there is a drill I would like you to practice to help open up the left hip and increase the range of motion.

This will allow your left hip to turn through the shot and achieve more rotation.

First, I want you to open the left foot and point it towards ten o'clock.

senior golf swing tips drill

Then I want you to make some half swings initially, because this will feel different to you.

If you immediately start to swing at your normal speed, it may cause you to lose balance.

So, once you’ve hit a few shots making some slow swings, you’ll then be able to gradually speed it up and make the swings longer.

Go ahead and take a little narrower stance, make sure the right foot is pointing towards one o'clock and the left foot is pointing towards ten.

You will find it a lot easier to turn and rotate during your golf swing.

For a better understanding of this information watch this video on Senior Golf Swing Tips:


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Learn Two Senior Golf Swing Tips