How to Stop Topping the Golf Ball

how to stop topping the golf ball

Have you ever topped a golf ball and watched it skid off the tee box or along the fairway?

Have any of your friends chirped in and said,  “You lifted your head - you need to keep your head down”?

If someone tells you to keep your head down you should run for the hills!

This tip has been around for what seems like forever; you hear people say it all the time: “Keep your head down, you’re lifting your head.”

Sam knows what I’m talking about too because his friends had the same advice. He asks:

Hey Sean, I’m having some serious trouble topping the ball.  My friends tell me that I need to keep my head down.  Is keeping my head down the correct thing to do in order to solve this problem?

Sam, keeping your head down is probably one of the worst things you can do in the golf swing.

Annika Has Done Alright...

Think about one of the greatest women's golfers of all time, Annika Sorenstam.  

She was a person who rotated her head and swiveled it with the shot.

Her statistics for ball striking were off the charts, often leading Greens In Regulation and Total Driving every year on tour.

One of the reasons why your friends say “keep your head down” is likely because you are having issues with something else.

What I mean by this is if they say your head is coming up, what is more than likely happening is that your legs are driving forward too much - causing your torso to lift and consequently your head to lift.

This is a classic case of losing your posture in the golf swing.

Topping the Golf Ball is Often Caused by a Chain Reaction...

  • First your legs

  • Then your torso

  • Finally your head

So, lifting your head is not likely the problem.

The problem could be that your legs are too overactive or you could be thrusting your hips in towards the ball - which in turn will cause your torso and head to lift.

One thing I would like you to focus on the next time you’re at the driving range is to imagine that you are making golf swings with your tailbone flush against a wall.

wall drill to stop to help stop topping

So when you get to the top of your swing, feel your tailbone is staying on the wall throughout the swing.

Take a look at this video on how to stop topping the golf ball


So just to clarify - lifting your head is not the problem.  It is more to do with what your legs and torso are doing.

The next time you go to the range, really try to feel that the tailbone is staying back or is flush against a wall.

This will allow you to stay in better posture throughout your swing.

Here’s The Next Step:

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How to Stop Topping the Golf Ball