Mastering the Uphill Lie Golf Shot


Do you struggle with uphill lie golf shots?

Depending on the golf courses you play and how hilly they are, you could face the uphill lie shot numerous times throughout your round of golf.

This post will help to prepare you for those times.

Albert struggled with an uphill lie and recently asked this question:

"Hi Sean, I struggle a lot with uphill lie golf shots; could you suggest or share any techniques to help me be more consistent?"

For those of you like Albert - there are a few things you need to do to become more consistent and execute this type of shot in the way that you want.

Uphill Lie Golf Shot Setup

The first thing we have to do is to get your body level with the gradient of the slope:

  • Hips

  • Torso

  • Shoulders

Hitting Uphill Lie Golf Shot

You will find that when you set up correctly and hit the shot, the ball is going to come out a lot higher than it normally would.

Keep in mind this will also cause you to lose distance, so you will have to make sure you club down one or two clubs.

For example,  if you are 140 yards from the green - and that is typically your 8 iron distance - I would suggest selecting a seven or six iron.

Additionally, when you are faced with this type of shot, make sure you swing smoothly.

This isn't a shot you need to hit hard or try to force.

Uphill Lie Golf Shot Weight Distribution

When you get into your setup, one thing I want you to focus on is where your weight is distributed.

I would suggest you set up with the gradient of the slope, but try to feel like you are pressing your lead foot into the ground and creating a little pressure under your lead foot.

At impact, try get fifty-five percent (55%) of your weight on your lead side.

It will be a little difficult and feel awkward, because we are setting up with our bodies at an angle.

We want to make sure that we get a little bit of pressure into our lead side at impact; having proper weight distribution at our setup will help ensure this.

This will allow our hands to lead the club and catch the ball first to get it up on the green.

We certainly don't want to get too much weight into our lead side, because if we do, we will dig the club into the ground.

Uphill Lie Impact

Conversely, if we hang back on our trail side,  we will simply balloon the ball into the air.


Watch this video on Mastering the Uphill Lie Golf Shot:

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How to Hit an Uphill Lie Golf Shot