How to Hit a Draw in 3 Simple Steps

how to hit a draw

There’s an easy way for you to learn how to hit a draw in 3 simple steps. A fellow student recently ask:

“I struggle to hit a consistent draw and a lot of the holes on my golf course are shaped right to left, which require a draw shot.  I try rolling my wrist at the bottom of my swing to hit the draw but this leads to hooks and inconsistent shots.  How can I hit a consistent draw?”

In order to get your draw more consistent, there are 3 things that you absolutely must do:

Step 1:

Picture a clock face. The target or flag is going to be twelve o’clock. This is where we want the ball to finish.


Step 2:

We know from ball flight laws that the ball primarily starts where the club face is aimed at the time of impact so in order to hit a consistent draw we need to aim the club face at one o’clock. Each time you hit a draw, the ball must start to the right of our destination and then curve back to the left.


Step 3:

In order for the golf ball to curve back to our twelve o’clock target, the path of the club needs to travel to the right of where the club face is aimed at impact. Imagine pointing your club face at one o’clock, standing parallel to where the face is aimed.  On your downswing, imagine the path of the club getting thrown out to right field, out to two o’clock.


Bringing It All Together

Now let’s visualize this as a fluid sequence:

Image our target as 12 o’clock, at impact our club face is pointing at one o’clock, & the path of our club path is traveling towards two o’clock.

This is a perfect recipe for the ball to curve back to the flag. You don’t need to roll your wrist and shut the face down to get the ball to curve.  If you shut the face down with your wrist at impact the ball will start where the face is aimed, which would be to the left of our target. If your path is going out to the right your ball will begin to hook even more.  Remember, the ball will start where the face is aimed.

Practicing the draw at the driving range:

Now that you have a better understanding of how to hit a draw, let’s talk about how you can practice this the next time you go to the driving range.

  • After arriving at your station choose the flag that will serve as your twelve o’clock

  • Practice with a seven iron, as this is a great club to help you get the feel for the draw. Continue to progress to your long irons and then onto your fairway woods until you feel you are consistently hitting the draw.

  • Place the ball on the tee until you feel comfortable with the swing and are consistently hitting your mark.

  • Make sure the ball is at the center of your stance.

Let’s take the draw to the course:

Now that you feel comfortable from practicing let’s get on the golf course. Set yourself up similar to at your station. Identify your target, pull out your club of choice and position your stance appropriately like you’ve practiced at the range. Point the face of the club where you want the ball to start and continue to swing the path to the right.  Remember that the course is going to have new conditions to consider, like weather, grass texture, and uneven lies. Visualize the three hands of the clock and all those practice swings from the range. You’re ready to hit the perf

Watch our video tutorial and I’ll show you how to hit a draw, Step-by-step:


Next Steps:

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Learn How to Hit a Draw in Three Simple Steps


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