Hitting the Sidehill Lie Golf Shot with Ball Above Feet

Sidehill Lie Golf Shot Ball Above Feet

Do you find when you have a sidehill lie golf shot, and the ball is above your feet, that you have a tendency to pull the golf shot?

You’re not the only golfer; this is a very common result.

Even professional golfers have a tendency to pull the golf ball when the ball is above their feet.

Martin recently experienced the same situation and asked:

Hi Sean, when the ball is above my feet, I feel that I have a tendency to pull my shots.  Could you please explain what might be happening?

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

I'm going to use a face magnet and attach it to my club face to help illustrate my point.

What you are experiencing is a term we use in golf called Face Plane Tilt.

Golf Ball Above Feet Magnet

The further the golf ball is above your feet, the more the face is going to aim left.

Additionally, the greater the loft on the club face, the more it will contribute to how left the face is aiming.

Therefore, golfers will find that they pull wedge shots more often than compared to a shot with a 4 iron.

In order to get the ball to start on the target, we need to aim our bodies to the right in order to compensate for the slope.

Golf Ball Above Feet Aiming

The severity of the slope, and the loft of the club we are using, will determine how far you need to aim you body to the right.

I suggest you purchase a face magnet, as they're a great tool which helped me a lot in my career. When the ball is above your feet, it will help you create an understanding of how slope and loft affect where the face is aiming.

Sidehill Lie Golf Shot with Ball Above Feet - Setup

From a setup perspective, I want you to grip down the shaft a little bit for this particular shot.

This makes it a little easier to control the flight of the shot when the ball is above your feet.

Finally, from a weight distribution standpoint, I just want you to make sure that you're in an ‘athletic position.’

If you could imagine you were trying to stop someone pushing you over, that is the setup I want you to assume for this type of shot.

Ball Above Feet Athletic Setup

Check out this video on how far right to aim when Hitting the Sidehill Lie Golf Shot with Ball Above Feet:


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