Here's What My Golf Tutor Is All About

How's it going? I'm Sean McTernan, the Co-Founder of My Golf Tutor, and if you have ever asked yourself:

  • "How can I hit the golf ball farther?"

  • "How can I hit the golf ball straighter?"

  • "How can I make more putts?"

  • "How can I beat my friends/co-workers in our weekly golf match?"

  • "How can I hit my approach shots closer to the pin?"

Or, if you just want to have more fun or an enjoyable time on the golf course….

...You're in the perfect place!

Here's How My Golf Tutor

Helps You Shoot Lower Scores & Have More Fun On The Course

I believe that any person no matter their skill level, age, or size who wants to play better golf MUST have a better understanding of their own golf game.

How can you find the time to do this while working a full-time job, raising a family, or both?

Instead of reading multiple magazine articles, talking to your friends, and listening to golf commentators on TV….

…subscribe to My Golf Tutor (it’s free!), and I will share with you my PROVEN teaching techniques that have helped golfers just like you play better golf.

The best part? I’ll cut through all the garbage, showing you exactly what to do to improve your game and start shooting lower scores.

Introducing My Golf Tutor

My Golf Tutor is a passionate (and fast-growing) community of golfers just like you who want to hit the ball farther, make more putts, and shoot lower scores.

Currently, the main feature of My Golf Tutor is our web TV show. When you subscribe for free email updates, you’ll get it delivered directly to your inbox.

Here’s what “My Golf Tutor TV” is all about:

My Golf Tutor TV, the web TV shows are short 4 to 6 minute videos, in which I will answer any question YOU have about your golf game. Then, I explain the reasons why you are experiencing this problem and how to fix it TODAY.

Past video questions:

“I struggle at times to hit a consistent draw. A lot of the holes on my golf course are shaped right-to-left and they require a draw shot. I try rolling my wrists over the bottom of my swing to shut the face, and hit the draw, but it leads to a lot of hooks and inconsistent shots. How can I hit a consistent draw?”-Steve, 14 handicap

“Often times I feel out of sync during my downswing. Do I start it with my arms or body first?”-Ted, 21 handicap

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the email list below and get your question answered on the next episode:

About Sean McTernan

My Golf Tutor was Co-Founded by PGA Professional Sean McTernan. Sean is one of the most respected and sought after golf instructor and players in the country.

After playing four years of collegiate golf at University of Toledo, he played professional golf on numerous tours all across the world. Sean has now refocused on what he enjoys most: teaching & helping others.

You’ll find that his approach to teaching is effective. He developed it over years of being around some of the best teachers and players in the world.

Sean doesn’t try to change your whole game and give you several different things to work on; instead he uses modern technology and science to improve your game as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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About Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson is the Co-Founder of My Golf Tutor and one of the editors.

He has also had an extensive playing career, playing collegiate golf at UAB and competing for numerous years on the NGA Hooters Tour. To date Josh is the youngest winner on the Hooters Tour in tour history at the age of 21.